& webmonitor

Advanced functions for efficient web monitoring
  • Valitated, multilingual and evolutive web sources
  • Collaborative space : administrators, experts and readers
  • A multi-folder approach with dedicated and personalized sources and filters
  • Annotation and comments of selected information
  • Sharing of selected information
  • Export through RSS feeds for feeding intranets or web sites




Ask’n’Read watches continuously more than 200.000 multilingual sources admistrated in real time :
  • media web, news, press releases
  • companies or institutional sites
  • blogs, forums, social network
  • job sites, announcements, etc.
  • selection of preferential sources
  • categories of sources by typologies, subjects,country …
  • simple or advanced filters


Ask’n’Read allows you within your monitoring files defined to :
  • collect the relevant information
  • validate and tag informations intended  for delivery (alerts, newsletters, …)
  • annotate the information (tone, relevance, …)


  • sendings of mail alerts
  • define your thematic newsletter from your monitoring files
  • manage your various lists of sending
  • dashboards of follow-ups of presence on Web

Extraction and selection of Web contents

  • from the datacenter Ask’n’Read it is possible to supply with information selected automatically third application (CRM, business information, website, etc)
  • the technologies developed by Qwam allow to extract selectively from the qualified information such as for example appointment, companies news, … on the 200.000 multilingual sources or in part


WebMonitor is an extension of Ask’n’Read which allows to integrate a collaborative dimension in the monitoring activity

Ranking and capitalization following an elaborate process

  • WebMonitor includes functions of classification (section, plan of classification) and of edition (addition of de criteria and metadatas, semantic enrichment or by work rules, multiples comments, etc.)
  • the solution includes a documentary management system allowing to capitalize the information stemming from the monitoring as knowledge base.
Formulaire de recherche

Diffusion and sharing

  • portal of consultation information sharing with management of user profile
  • search engine and advanced navigation in monitoring information (knowledge base)
  • files sharing and customized newsletters
  • analysis function of information

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