Discover Qwam solutions 

Qwam has all skills and experience to provide you with solutions for your projects in information management (text, multimedia), search engines for knowledge applications, web monitoring (web and social media monitoring, R&D/innovation watch and knowledge applications).

Qwam supplies a set of solutions for :

Document management and specialized search engine :

  • for media feeds and archives, audio and video, web information and feeds, knowledge documents, etc.
  • for R&D/innovation information ; scientific and technical information (articles, patents, etc.)
  • for knowledge management and sharing of strategic information

Monitoring and sharing of web information

  • strategic watch and competitive intelligence
  • web and social media monitoring
  • web content extraction for business applications
  • technological watch and monitoring of scientific and technical literature

Ask’n’Read monitors in real time more than 200,000 web information sources and brings advanced information treatment and sharing features for very efficient web monitoring. Ask’n’Read can be combined with WebMonitor modules for collaborative work and advanced analytics. Ask'n'Read has also features for extracting selected information from the web for powering third party applications. All Ask'n'Read functions are available through user interfaces and API.

QES InfoMedia Suite

QES InfoMédia Suite is a software solution for managing press and media feeds and archives combined with advanced search and browsing features for journalists, editorial teams, content managers, etc. QES InfoMedia Suite enables to manage feeds coming editorial systems (print, web, multimedia), from content partners and suppliers (newswires, press releases, content feeds) and from any third parties.

QES InfoMonitor & KM Suite

Solutions dedicated to R&D information intelligence and knowledge management. It offers a collaborative platform and advanced search features and analytics within knowledge bases.


Document management solution offering centralized repository for capitalizing information such as reports, articles, photos, video within one or several databases. It also offers powerful search functions and user-friendly portal.